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Dr. Tiodorovic reveals under which conditions measures can be lifted: We have two alternatives

"I am certain that if we would implement measures, control and vaccination in the next month, up to a month and a half, we would have a controlled situation with sporadic cases," said Professor Dr. Branislav Tiodorovic

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Dr Branislav Tiodorovic/ Photo: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

If the measures against the coronavirus are implemented, it's possible the situation will be better by next week and we will then be able to predict when hospitality establishments and shopping centers can reopen under certain conditions, Professor Dr. Branislav Tiodorovic, epidemiologist and member of the Crisis HQ for the fight against coronavirus, said this morning.

He said that it was absolutely necessary to extend the measures.

"We found ourselves in a situation where we are not allowed to take a break of a day or two to bring some measures. I know some say that this is a relaxation of measures, but this is, in fact, a harmonization of measures, which is life, which must function. Look, someone's water pipe bursts, they have to hire a handyman, that's why such stores should be open...

We have two alternatives, one is to leave everything open, but in that case carry out control and apply the criminal law. That's impossible. Another alternative is to implement a complete lockdown. That didn't produce expected result in other European countries. That is why we tried to provide something for vital things to function," Professor Dr. Tiodorovic told TV Prva.

Asked why it was a problem to increase penalties and file criminal charges, he said:

"I am sure that the majority of our population implements all the measures. Most in the hospitality industry also implement them but there is a smaller part that is a problem for us. We have to have more communal police officers and inspectors in order to control that, we have gone through a period of all kinds of things. The value system has declined," said Professor Dr. Tiodorovic and stressed:

"I am certain that if we would implement measures, control and vaccination in the next month, up to a month and a half, we would have a controlled situation with sporadic cases."

He pointed out that everyone in Europe is aware that they should be careful and wear masks.

"Everyone saw what the gathering in front of the Assembly looked like, near the monument to Stefan Nemanja... These people live in some other space. I don’t remember a longer or a more difficult pandemic in my career. Those who don't believe it can go to the hospitals. The doctors are starting to get silent. When they are silent, we remember the words of Milos... This is not a threat, I just want to make the situation serious. Now the vaccine isn't good enough (for them), either."

"The fact is that we have vaccines at our disposal and that we have vaccinated a large percentage so far, but also that we need to vaccinate many more. Let's get serious. To be aware at least for a month of the situation we are in. We will do everything to meet the needs of the people. Look at Europe, those who constantly criticize us never say what it's like in Germany, in the Netherlands. We have turned too much from a people with a lack of egotism, into a people with an excess of egotism," said Professor Dr. Tiodorovic.

He added that we are in an emergency situation, and when one looks at the level the hospital capacities are used, we are on the way towards a catastrophic assessment. He said that he completely agrees that people are tired, but also pointed out that healthcare workers are tired, and reminded that all this has been lasting too long.

"Our positions are softer compared to our colleagues, professors. The anti-Covid association was in favor of a complete lockdown, which I support. So do not stick to the alternatives," said Professor Dr. Tiodorovic.


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