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Burger King is coming to Serbia?

In this region, the chain operates in Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania and Greece

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Burger King

Burger King / Photo: Shutterstock

US restaurant chain Burger King is planning to enter the Serbian market.

The second largest fast food restaurant chain in the world will open its first establishments here over the next year in a retail park and a shopping mall, Retail Serbia has learned unofficially.

Burger King has set high standards in selecting raw material suppliers, according to which burgers are made from 100 percent beef without preservatives and additives. According to Retail Serbia, dishes in Burger King restaurants are prepared to order, which means that there are no pre prepared dishes.

Burger King was established in 1954 and operates more than 18,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. In this region, the chain is present in Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania and Greece. Burger King has two restaurants in Pristina and one each in Kosovo Polje and Pec.

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