Teme: Food

The guards of Serbian prisons took pictures where convicts hide narcotics (PHOTOS FROM THE SCENE)

The largest portion of 2.160 pieces of kebabs in Bosnia and Herzegovina: More than 300 people ate everything in just 15 minutes (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Boys in Serbia grow breasts, and girls enter premature puberty at the age of 6: This meat is one of the main causes!

Bigger and bigger babies are being born in Serbia: We reveal why is that happening and what should women do during pregnancy (PHOTO)

National kitchens on Kosovo and Metohija urgently need help: People and children will be hungry soon if nothing changes!

Nadja and Dina (11) are heroes of Novi Sad: They are buying food for stray dogs with their pocket money which they earn by selling drawings

Montenegrin Edin Krnic has visited 111 countries so far: I do not go to expensive hotels, but I met a king, lived with the tribe and had a great time in Pyongyang (PHOTO)

It was hardest for Jovan to say: "I don't have". He fought for a piece of bread, and he was full only when the cherry was ripe, and now he is feeding others (PHOTO)

Our clothes are more expensive than in Britain, home appliances are off the charts, but we pay twice as cheaper for food than in the EU

500 euros wage, food, accommodation, going to the sea: An employer is offering all of this, but no one is responding to his job offer!

Foreigners are selling the Serbian brand Cipiriti: Favorite treat will be produced in Paracin

They gave Americans to try Macedonian dishes, and their reactions are hilarious: They had to eat tripe soups, tavce gravce, rolled cabbage... (VIDEO)

Milan made us cry and he didn't even drop a single tear: He was left as a baby, he doesn't know what will he eat for the weekend, it's the worst for Christmass, and he never failed an exam on medical faculty (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A difficult life story of little Aleksa (5): He is eager for parent's love, he gathers paper with his grandma and deaf-mute cousin in order to survive (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Nice and warm picture from Bosnia: Whoever is hungry can eat in the steakhouse, and they don't have to pay (PHOTO)

Hristov family is going hungry to bed, the heart of father Vladimir tears apart when they ask him if there is anything to eat: The tears of the family living in a freezing room (VIDEO)

New trade war: Croatia stopped cookies from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dalmatian nights at Restoran Stanica 1884

Milos won the title of the best chef in the world: Triumph of the chefs from Serbia, he was better than 300 colleagues from 35 countries at the gastronomy competition (PHOTO)

The Bosnians made the largest burek: It has 650 kg, they used crane to lift it, and now they are fighting for the Guinness book of records (VIDEO)

The American has been returning every year for 7 years to live here, he loves taverns, villages, and people: He wants a Serbian woman for his wife and Serbian genes in his family (PHOTO)

Real truth about the prices of food in Serbia and Europe: What is more expensive, and what is cheaper?

Serbs on St Martin are going through hell: CIVIL WAR in the streets, more than 100 people have been killed, and two of our babies are trapped!

The aid was sent to Serbs on St Martin by a plane: Everybody is praying for the hurricane to calm down

You need to learn to appreciate your country, because if you do not, who will? Brazilian Thiago fell in love with Serbia, and then decided to move here (PHOTO)

American tourists delighted with Bosnia: Nature is gorgeous, everything is clean, and they were fascinated the most by one thing

A man in Bosnia and Herzegovina survived a BEAR ATTACK

Kristijan had quit work and started traveling around the world: I slept in Ethiopia, i was scared of savage knocking, and then the door opened (PHOTO)

Ilija had 150 kilos and he was sick of himself: He decided to lose 60 kilos, and now girls open their mouths when they see him (VIDEO)

Finally, Novak's confession about the diet: I am no longer vegan, Jelena is not determining what i am eating