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Germany removes Serbia from list of risky countries

The new travel rules will take effect on Sunday

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Berlin, grad, Nemačka

Photo: Pixabay

Germany today removed Serbia, as well as others in the Western Balkans, from the "red list" of risky countries travel-wise because of coronavirus.

Due to the declining number of new cases of coronavirus, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) removed several countries from the list of risky countries, including Austria, the US, Canada, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Lebanon, Moldova, Ukraine and Cyprus.

In addition to Serbia, in the Western Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia are no longer treated as risky countries.

Removing them from the list makes it easier to travel to Germany, that is, it removes all epidemiological "obstacles."

The new rules for travel will be in force from Sunday, RKI announced.

Declaring Serbia and other Western Balkan countries risk-free will have an impact on other EU countries, i.e. on Austria, which has decided to determine its rules for entering the country based on the list of the German institute.

What were conditions for travel to Germany so far?

Until now, Serbian citizens could travel to Germany only if they had a residence permit in Germany, a national D visa or a residence permit in another EU member state, Great Britain, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

Serbian citizens could travel without a visa if there was an absolutely necessary reason and with prior consultation with the Federal Police of Germany and if they were close family members, family members of the first or second degree, medical emergencies, unmarried partners, if they traveled on business, to visit to fairs, participate in congresses, etc. Tourist trips to Germany were not allowed.


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