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Belgrade on the map: Site launched to promote the Serbian capital as destination for digital nomads

The development of the site was accompanied by research and testing of the impressions of those digital nomads who have already been in Belgrade

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The Digital Serbia Initiative and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have presented the website BelgradeGets.digital in order to promote Belgrade as an attractive destination for digital nomads and other digital professionals from around the world.

In anticipation of the calming of the pandemic situation, more and more countries are launching international promotions aimed at digital nomads - among them exotic tourist destinations such as Barbados and Costa Rica, but also European countries like the Czech Republic and Estonia, and Croatia and Montenegro in our the immediate neighborhood.

Through the initiative BelgradeGets.digital, originating from the domestic digital and startup community, Belgrade is moving towards defending the position as one of the 20 most popular destinations according to users of the Nomad List site, that brings together the world's largest network of digital nomads. The idea of ​​this project is to present Belgrade in a new light to those who may not see themselves as digital nomads, but are now deciding to replace the newly acquired opportunity of "working from home" with "working from anywhere on the planet."

The starting point in the development of the BelgradeGets.digital platform and the positioning of Belgrade on the digital map of the world, is a joint initiative launched and developed by Nova Iskra, SHARE Foundation and Startit. The site provides visitors with practical information and advice on how to travel, where to stay, how to find a place to work, but also a pleasant environment to relax. There are recommendations regarding cultural content and local foods to try. The site also provides support to users in the form of free vouchers that can be used to consult with lawyers and accountants about administrative procedures.

Belgrade gets

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What are those who have already been in Belgrade saying?

Finally, BelgradeGets.digital presents to users the experiences of other digital nomads from all over the world who have already stayed in our capital - through video interviews, but also though direct contact with those who have joined the network of "ambassadors of Belgrade."

"The Digital Serbia Initiative joined this project almost a year ago because we believe that this positioning of Belgrade expands the network of digital professionals who bring the necessary knowledge and international contacts to the local community, create new opportunities, and improve the global reputation of our capital, building an image of a digital economy hub in the wider region," says Tijana Stefanovic from this non-profit organization.

The development of the site was accompanied by research and testing of the impressions of those digital nomads who have already been in Belgrade, as well as numerous conversations with nomads who have not visited our country so far. The results of the research were published last year in the Digital Nomad Scanner report.

BelgradeGets.digital presents Belgrade as an imperfect but authentic European city that is always ready to change and can attract digital professionals with its sincerity, openness and cosmopolitan spirit. An additional trump card is the extremely lively digital and startup scene, which has been attracting more and more international attention in recent years.

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