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A river known for many waterfalls springs from Mt. Jadovnik slopes: Sopotnica is a nature phenomenon

Those who have not seen that beauty up close, do not really understand how strong and beautiful nature is

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Photo: Rina.rs/A. Rovcanin

In the vicinity of Prijepolje and Sjenica is the mountain Jadovnik, down whose western slopes flows a river, in many ways particular.

The monument of nature Waterfalls of Sopotnica is a place that should be visited and if you find yourself in that part of Serbia.







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When nature intervenes

It is very probable that many would not have heard about the settlement of the same name, which belongs to the Prijepolje municipality, if there wasn't a river known for its numerous waterfalls and cascades.

The name of the river and the settlement itself is symbolic. The noun sopot refers to the roar of water, that is, the source of water. But Sopotnica roars in many places and creates magnificent waterfalls, which enchant visitors.

The reason why this river boasts numerous waterfalls is that it springs at 465 meters above sea level, while its highest source is located at as high as as 1,150 meters. Thanks to such a significant difference in height, numerous waterfalls appear along the Sopotnica, which cause special attention of nature lovers, especially since watermills can be seen along the way.

The height of a waterfall, which is rightly considered the most attractive in this part of the country, is 20 meters. As expected, it was named the Great Waterfall.







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Most of the Sopotnica waterfalls can be reached on foot, with more or less effort. But what you will see there will make you forget about all the hardships you may have had while walking through nature.

Not only waterfalls and cascades are a monument of nature

Although the cascades of Sopotnica are one of the most common reasons to visit this natural landmark of our country, that is not all.







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The whole area is known for its high diversity, since the Monument of Nature Sopotnica Waterfalls is home to as many as 62 species.

Apart from Mileseva, there are also Davidovica and Kumanica Orothodox monasteries located nearby.


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