Teme: mountain

The entire region froze over this scene: Russian is taking a bath in the frozen lake in Montenegro, and then he went to "warm himself up" in Bar (VIDEO)

It was snowing throughout the night, Serbian mountains became white: The scenes are like a fairytale, but the roads are dangerous (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

One of the oldest mountaineers from Macedonia fulfilled his wish: He climbed to this place a thousand times (PHOTO)

Serbia became white on the second day of the Autumn: Snow fell on Kopaonik and Zlatar, and we can expect frost and cold we haven't felt in a long time (PHOTO)

A 2-meter long snake that literally fell down from the sky on people (PHOTO)

Valentina from Surdulica reached the tops of Andes in South America: She ate llama meat and she barely survived (PHOTO)

Three fingers, then two: Croats and Serbs sang together with Tompson songs on Jahorina (VIDEO)

Nikola, Vlada, and few other people decided to leave everything and to start over again, humbly, in nature, with animals: This is their life now (VIDEO)

Rejuvenating and beautiful mountain Javor: The heroes of battle of Kosovo sought help on it (PHOTO)

Mysterious downhill on the Serbian mountain, where due to the proximity Djavolja Varos, the water is flowing uphill (VIDEO)

A part of the hill broke off in Croatia, half of the sea cost was shaking: Terrible sound of the boulders strike fear into the bones (VIDEO)

Macedonians did the impossible: They conquered three highest mountaintops on Balkans in just one day (PHOTO)

Mountain beauties became white: Snow fell on Kopaonik and Zlatibor (PHOTO)

The easiest job in Serbia, make 6.000 euros is 5 minutes: This is a list of all sites where you can find truffles (VIDEO)

18 hours of drama for Serbian alpinists: 19 people got lost in Sar mountain, Macedonian colleagues saved them in the last moment! (VIDEO)

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE IN SERBIA: You've never heard of it, and the air is healing, people live up to 100 years, they drink water from a stream (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Mysterious place in Serbia: There water curtain, the temperature is 5 degrees during the summer, and the rocks are carved like steps (PHOTO)

The last little miller: Ognjen is the most hardworking boy in Serbia. He is running a family business and goes to school, the winds and the floods are not bothering him

FATAL ROCK IN DEMIR KAPIJA GORGE: Czech alpinist enjoyed mountain climbing, but one wrong step was his doom (PHOTO)

Unprecedented storm threatens Croatia: Strong hurricane winds are expected, they are already blowing with speed over 100 km/h! (PHOTO)

Mystery of the stone circles of Devica mountain: The origin is unknown, it is believed that they made a calendar on SERBIAN STONEHENGE (PHOTO)

SNOW in Croatia, everything became white: Incredible photos from this morning (PHOTO)

WHITE MONTENEGRO: One meter of snow fell in Niksic, people without electricity, disaster like this was not recorded in October (PHOTO)

It was the most magical on Kopaonik this morning: Snow fell like it was January, nature is at its best (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Croatia and Bosnia became white: It was snowing so much, much more than in previous years (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

How to become HIM: His photos are made during night and they leave no one feeling indifferent (PHOTO)

Miracle in Serbia: Lake where islands are floating (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Wildfire is raging on Lovcen: Fire is threatening to spread to the coast, residual ammunition causes detonations, citizens call for help (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The region is on fire! Active fires in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Greece and Albania

The man who rents houses to world's millionaires reveals the secrets of his job (PHOTO) (VIDEO)