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Do you know which Serbian mountain has the Carpet of Meadow?

Apart from phenomenal observation points, this mountain offers many other attractions

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Srbija, Planina Tara

Photo: A. Nalbantjan

Vacation does not always have to mean going to the seaside. Some people like to spend their summers on mountains, and there is certainly no shortage of those in Serbia.

A part of the old Vlach mountains, Mt. Tara is often seen as a true mountain beauty. What makes it especially attractive are its observation points, the proximity of the Drina River and its rich cultural and historical heritage.

Can vacation on Tara be interesting?

It is not in question whether someone will enjoy this mountain or not. Whether you are a nature lover, hiker or cultural heritage enthusiast, you will not lack for anything during your vacation on Tara. Maybe just a few more days that you would spend here, to get to know all its beauty.

Not only can you observe bears and visit the Crveni Potok (Red Creek) Reserve, known as the Carpet Meadow, but the Tara National Park also offers the possibility of renting bicycles, as well as inflatable kayaks, and binoculars and trekking poles.

It goes without saying that a guide service is also available, although there is also the option of using guide services with access to restricted areas, with involvement in park activities.

Don’t miss phenomenal observation decks

In addition to many interesting activities, there are especially attractive observation decks on Tara. Banjska Stena is one of the most visited, although the views of Oslusa, Crnjeskovo and Biljeska Stena do not lag behind when it comes to the beauty of the views.

Get ready for a few kilometers of hiking, along easy hiking trails or those that fall into the category of moderately demanding or difficult, if you want to be rewarded with exceptional views. More than 290 kilometers of hiking trails on Tara are properly marked, which makes this mountain ideal for hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts.

During the summer, kayak tours are organized on the nearby Drina. A great opportunity to experience up close all the beauty of the emerald river. Photographing the famous Little House on the Drina is another popular activity.

The only river that is exactly 365 meters long, which is why it is also called Godina (Serbian for, "year"), the Vrelo River will be a great introduction if you decide to visit the Drina. It is located right at the entrance to the canyon of the river, near the Perucac settlement.

And if you miss the sea a lot, you can cool off in the waters of lakes Zaovine and Perucac.

And finally, if you want to get to know the rich cultural and historical heritage of this part of Serbia, don't miss a tour of the Raca Monastery.

Isn't it true that a vacation on Tara can be really interesting?


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