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Vucic: There's a big fight for money in the world, the rich want to stay rich. We have to be safe

Serbia must secure its resources, the president said

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Photo: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzic

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic stressed today that there is a great struggle for money in the world, because the rich want to stay rich, but they can no longer contribute and manufacture as before, and that is why it is important for Serbia to ensure energy security and secure its own resources.

Vucic was in Velika Plana when he was asked whether a compressor station under construction there means that we will have better quality gas and a more favorable gas. Vucic replied said that he could not say that the price would be more favorable.

"All prices are skyrocketing, copper has jumped to $10,000 per ton. Look at how the price of steel grows. One reason is coronavirus, because people have not been spending, so now prices are jumping. The other reason is an attempt to stop the market, that is, the measures to stop Chinese, Russian and every other competition from the East, which has failed, because the market always finds a way," he explained.

Vucic said that he was very scared because of the carbon tax, as it would cause chaos around the world. He assessed that the tax is being introduced because of the Chinese, all under the guise of environmental protection.

He warned that the Chinese will introduce three times worse measures against those targeting them, and as a result, "the rest of us will get suffer."

"I hope we will have enough strength to overcome it all. That is why energy security is important, so that we can insure ourselves. I'm happy that we have gold, copper, steel, hot and cold rolled sheet metal, that we are safe as far as food supply goes, but we have to secure all those resources," he said.

Vucic explained that the price of gas is formed on the world market, but also that we receive more than 100 dollars cheaper gas than the market price, thanks to an agreement with the Russians.

As for the quality of gas, this is, according to him, the highest quality - 97 percent methane.

"Wait a year and they'll introduce taxes on methane, too, then prohibit us from eating beef, because cows are ruminants. We will be witnessing all sorts of circuses, because this is a big fight for money. The rich want to stay rich, but they can't contribute products like before. 20 years ago, Europe had a 20 percent share in world manufacturing, and now it is 10 percent and will be at 7 percent in a couple of years. These are huge shifts, and everyone is pretending that nothing is changing," he said.

In this regard, he said that changes are not being comprehended in our country either, that is, we do not want to see what has been built and we are always looking for more.

"Now when we build the Velika Plana-Zabari road, then we will ask for a new road along the highway towards Lapovo. That is in a way natural and normal," he noted.

Vucic said that we will face many problems, but that thanks to this project we will have very pure, quality gas and should not be concerned.

"Except that Srbijagas (the state gas enterprise) must work more accurately and precisely, and the general director must take greater care of people. People are waiting for gas in Valjevo, Vranje, Kovacica, Surcin, those are things where we are behind," Vucic warned.

He stressed that it must be demonstrated that when we promise to do something we are capable of doing it on time and in the best way.

"I believe that generations to come will be proud of what we have done in a short time," concluded Vucic.

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(Telegraf Biznis/Tanjug)

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