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Mladen's neighbor attacked him with a knife in his apartment: "I feared for my wife and baby"

The incident happened in a building in New Belgrade, when Mladen Ivic opened the door of his apartment and saw a blade in the hands of a neighbor who then went after him

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Mladen Ivic from Belgrade was attacked with a knife last night in his apartment, in Pedje Milosavljevica Street in New Belgrade. He and another tenant, he told Telegraf.rs, were stabbed by a neighbor who is mentally ill.

Everything happened around 11:20 pm, as Mladen was having dinner with his wife.

"We were sitting at a table in the living room and looking for a baby car seat to by on the phone. Then someone rang the intercom. The wife was startled, who could it be now? I told her to go to the bedroom, not to wake up the baby, and I'd go and see. I approached the door, looked through the peephole, there was no one. I unlocked the door right away without thinking because my sister lives close by. At first, I thought it was she, but she always calls in advance, so I said to myself, it must be one of the neighbors," Ivic said.

Then he opened the door and peered halfway, and saw a woman with a crazed look in her eyes.

"I just saw a hand moving towards me, when I looked down - she was holding a knife, a 20-centimeter blade. Reflexively I moved back, she started to stab me. She got halfway inside the apartment, the first swing was at the stomach, she missed me there, the next 5, 6, 7 times she moved towards my head. I protected myself with one hand, I tried to push her out with the other," Mladen explains how the whole drama unfolded.

At one point, he felt that she had caught him with the blade.

"I thought it was on my neck and I was just thinking. 'I must push her out, if she caught me on the aorta, I will bleed, faint, she will get in and stab my wife and 11-month-old child," our interlocutor recounts the incident.

She threatened to set the building on fire


Ivic then slipped and fell, and at that point the woman ran out of the room.

"I tell her (the wife), "Mara, push the door." At first we couldn't lock it. When we did, we saw that her hat had fallen off her head and got stuck, so that's why door could not be closed. I immediately called the police, I know the woman is a mental case. Last summer, in June or July, she poured gasoline on the stairs, threatening to set the building on fire. Firefighters, the police, an ambulance came... They took her away, and released her after an hour and a half," says Ivic.

The woman also stabbed another resident of the building.

"Later I found out that she was waiting for a neighbor downstairs to get out of the building, when he got out of the elevator and raised his hand reflexively, she stabbed him in the back, in the ribs and in the arm, so an ambulance had to come for him," Mladen said.

As we have learned unofficially, the woman has been hospitalized in a psychiatric institution after the incident.

Video: Video from the scene: A woman stabbs two men with a knife, traces of blood in a victims apartment


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