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Teacher from near Nova Varos accused of choking boy in class: Two students examined as witnesses


The students were questioned in the presence of their parents and the police

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Nasilje nad detetom, tuča čovek mladić nije decaka

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A history teacher from the elementary school Gojko Drulovic in Radoinja near Nova Varos has been accused of grabbing a seventh grade student by the neck and chocking him in front of the entire class. He was reported to the police on Friday by the boy's father, Milija Bjelic.

The school has told Telegraf that two students were questioned today lin relation to this, who were suggested by the boy's father as witnesses.

"They have been questioned in the presence of their parents and the police. Disciplinary procedure has been initiated against the teacher and he has been removed from classes until the procedure has been completed," the school told our portal.

They added that immediately on Friday, when the case was reported, the teacher in charge of the class in which the incident happened spoke to the students about it.

"We have also informed the Anti-Violence Team, while the school's further measures will depend on how the procedure is completed," they said.

Father Milija Bjelic said that he expects the school, the police and the prosecutor's office to take all legally prescribed measures against the teacher, and announced a private lawsuit.

"He grabbed my son by the neck with his hands and started squeezing it, and then pushed him away. The child experienced real trauma. I expect the reaction by the school, the police and the prosecutor's office, I demand that they take all necessary measures against the teacher, whom I will privately sue and prosecute all the way so that something like this never happens again to any child," Milija said.

He added that his son had fallen and injured his leg on the way to school, and showed up for the history class without a written homework assignment.

Also, starting on Friday, employees of the Center for Social Welfare in Nova Varos will be visiting the school in Radoinja and talk about the event with the students, while school inspectors have also been informed about the case.


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