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Dr. Belojevic: We did ourselves a disservice, we extended the survival of the virus with vaccination

- Vaccination is not carried out during a pandemic - he said

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"By the end of the year, coronavirus will be gone. I could bet a million dollars on that," Professor Dr. Goran Belojevic said on K1 TV nine months ago. Today is the last day of December, and the Omicron strain of coronavirus has brought half the planet to its knees.

The professor was today on the Uranak show to talk about whether coronavirus has outwitted him.

"The difference between Covid and the Spanish fever is that there was no vaccine for the fever. We did ourselves a disservice because we extended the survival of the virus with vaccination. Vaccination is not carried out during a pandemic," said Professor Belojevic.

"In order for someone to get vaccinated, we must make sure that they do not carry the virus. Only PCR-negative individuals should receive the vaccine. We now have a situation where people who carry the virus are being vaccinated en masse, without knowing it, and thus throwing water onto the burning oil," he pointed out.

Professor Belojevic said that mutations occur when a person who carries the virus gets vaccinated.

Goran Belojević

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"All pandemics are ended by nature, none have been stopped by vaccination. Nature will do its thing, but we must not make it difficult for her. I still stand by my opinion that I expressed a year ago that there would be no pandemic if mass prevention with probiotics was applied.

I also wrote a scientific paper on the subject. Probiotics can be given to everyone, from babies to the most severely ill. One capsule a day is enough," said Dr. Goran Belojevic and added that vaccination is the artificial way, while probiotics are natural.

Dr. Belojevic's advice is that we should be exposed to the virus, but in a controlled way.

"The way I do it, with a barrier, a mask and a visor. This way you do not allow the virus to overwhelm you and you will not be exposed to a large amount of it. You have to expose yourself to gain resilience, naturally or artificially. I am always in favor of the natural way. This is how I do it," Dr. Belojevic stressed and added that new strains of coronavirus will not be weaker, but our bodies will be more resistant.

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