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Unreal video of traffic collapse in Belgrade: Power outage halts 15 trams, huge line forms


A line stretching from one intersection to the next

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Traffic got blocked in New Belgrade this morning at nine o'clock. One tram that broke down stopped all rail traffic in that part of the city, it has been confirmed for Telegraf.rs.

As we have been told by the City Transportation Company (GSP), the delays lasted a little less than half an hour.

"We had a tram breakdown. From 9 to 9:25 am," GSP said.

They added that breakdowns are frequent in that part of New Belgrade due to the intensity of traffic.

"There are a large number of trams. The substation cannot handle it and the fuse blows. Then there are power outages. It takes a while until they resolve that," the company told us.

The video shows about 15 trams, including double ones, blocking tram traffic between two intersections. The first tram stopped at the corner of Milutina Milankovica Boulevard and Atifasisticke Borbe Street, while the second was on the corner of Milentija Popovica and Milutina Milankovica boulevards.


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