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Russian Embassy: Aircraft that crashed in Zagreb was manufactured in Ukraine

According to them, Russian forces have not used such drones since 1991, i.e. since the collapse of the Soviet Union

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Eksplozija u Zagrebu

Photo: Index.hr

The Russian Embassy in Croatia claims that the aircraft, which crashed in the Zagreb area, was made in Ukraine.

"The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Croatia was informed about the downed drone from the press reports in the Croatian media, which stated that experts are now investigating this situation, so all questions about the incident must be addressed to those experts and the Embassy of Ukraine in Croatia, because that drone was manufactured in the territory of Ukraine," the Russian Embassy told Index.hr.

According to them, Russian forces have not used such drones since 1991, i.e. since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

"We suggest that the responsible Croatian bodies should examine how and in what way it could fly freely through the territories of neighboring countries. The crash, fortunately, did not result in civilian casualties - residents of Zagreb," they said.

A military aircraft allegedly used in the conflict in Ukraine, most likely a Tu-141 reconnaissance drone, crashed in Zagreb last night at around 11 pm.

A powerful explosion was heard near the Stjepan Radic Student Dormitory on the Sava, which upset residents in the surrounding buildings, Croatian media reported. The first information was that some kind of aircraft had crashed, and firefighters received a report that a parachute had been found.

President of Croatia Zoran Milanovic said that the crash of the aircraft in Zagreb was a serious incident.

He added that the it flew in from Ukraine.

"We know what kind of object it is. It flew over Hungary for over 40 minutes, over Croatia for less than 7 minutes. This is a serious incident," the president said.

The Croatian Air Traffic Control (HKZP) announced that the unmanned aircraft that entered Croatian airspace last night and crashed in Zagreb did not have a transponder, so HKZP did not detect it with secondary radars used to monitor aircraft.


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