Slovenia received its Nobel Prize winner: A distinguished scientist took the oath and received Slovenian citizenship

The graffiti of the criminal Kosovo Liberation Army on the Serbian Consulate building in Vienna, the embassy requested protection and urgent search for the perpetrator (PHOTO)

A slap to Pristina from the USA! The announcement arrived: No one can take actions that are contrary to strategic interests, without facing the consequences

America decided to cut the Kosovo knot! A clear message of the ambassador in Pristina

This city near us had the most polluted air in the world, even worse than Beijing

A historic chance to rebuild good relations with America: Ambassador Scott has said - It's time to devote to friendship and cooperation

A quarrel of the USA and Russian embassies in Croatia over the game: The American commentator began, and the Russians responded

Two ambassadors remained in Belgrade while the bombs were falling on Serbia in 1999: This is a confession of one of them

The Serbian Ambassador to Zagreb refused to accept a protest note from Croatia because of Seselj's behavior

Possible terrorist attacks in Kosovo, you are traveling at your own risk! Warning from America before Easter

Putin's Night Wolves banned from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina: The leader Surgeon proclaimed a person dangerous for national security

Dalibor didn't want to kill himself, the device exploded by accident: Unexpected twist in the case of thrown bomb at the embassy of USA

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