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Serbian Foreign Minister Selakovic: We know our path, does Brussels know what it wants?


That is a question for them, and what is important for us is that we are on our path of reforms - Selakovic said.

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Photo: Tanjug/Zoran Zestic

Serbia knows its reform course and European path well, it knows how it wants to reform its society and how it should function in the future, but it often seems that Brussels does not know what it wants, said Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic.

Speaking about the stance of the European Union (EU) towards the Western Balkans (WB) and whether the WB is needed at all by the EU, he said that this is a question for the European Union.

"That's a question for them, and what is important for us is that we are on our path of reforms. We are changing and harmonizing our society with the standards that we have been striving towards for decades, and whether they want us in that family or not, that depends on them," Selakovic told TV Pink.

He added that the most important thing for Serbia is that along with the reform course that concerns the change of the social system and reforming the institutions of the system, it continues to develop economically.

Asked to comment on the European Parliament's resolution on Serbia, he said that he did not expect such a document, that calls for imposing sanctions against Russia and recognition of Kosovo and Metohija, but that on the other hand there are things that can no longer surprise us.

He underlined that Serbia knows its European path, while the question is whether Brussels knows what it wants.

Selakovic assessed that Pristina's unilateral moves could have passed while people in power in Belgrade had neither the vision nor the will to fight for our national interests.

"The problem is that Belgrade now has a government that is capable of conducting an independent sovereign policy that does not choose either European or world power centers, instead citizens are its center, and our main task is to fight for national interests," said Minister Nikola Selakovic.


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