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Dacic backs Vucic: Course and results of Brussels meeting will determine developments in Kosovo and Metohija

Dacic called on the EU to point out that the Pristina side is not respecting any agreement previously reached in Brussels

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Ivica Dačić

Photo: Nikola Tomic

Leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia Ivica Dacic said today that on his own behalf and that of his party, he is offering support to President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic in difficult times for our country and our people.

"I am sure that Aleksandar Vucic will keep the peace and protect our state and national interests in the best possible way at the upcoming meetings in Brussels. At the same time, I call on the representatives of the European Union to clearly indicate that the Pristina side does not respect any agreement from Brussels, including the Brussels Agreement, by refusing to form the Community of Serb Municipalities, and with its unilateral decisions, it is dangerously putting peace in jeopardy," Dacic said in a statement delivered to Telegraf.rs.

He added that the course and results of the meeting in Brussels will determine the further development of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija and that they are of key importance for Serbia and the Serb people.

"That is why all political subjects in Serbia should be united in their support for President Vucic in these decisive days essentially regarding war or peace in Kosovo and Metohija," said Dacic.


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