Teme: Dialogue

Intensive forming of "Great Albania"! A warning from Moscow arrived

The US intensifies pressure on Pristina! Meeting of Haradinaj and Kosnett, there is only one request on the table: Abolish taxes

No solution for Kosovo and Metohija without the support of great powers: Austrian Chancellor on the outcome of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

A German expert on the Balkans has offered a proposal for the solution of Kosovo problem: What is the so-called Ischinger's plan?

We are ready to intervene whenever security is endangered: KFOR spokesman for Telegraf about Thaci threats with the army and the police to Serbia

The solution for Kosovo will come when these 5 countries agree: The resolution 1244 will be repealed?

The British envoy brought 3 messages in Pristina and a mystery of meeting with Thaci: One is for Haradinaj's ears only, and we will not like the other one

The EU has spoken about the Pristina platform

US message to Pristina sent from Zagreb: Suspend these taxes

"Security situation in the Balkans is fragile," the US general warned: the region is the main target of Russia's "malignant" influence

The graffiti of the criminal Kosovo Liberation Army on the Serbian Consulate building in Vienna, the embassy requested protection and urgent search for the perpetrator (PHOTO)

Last warning to Pristina! Trump sent two men to Haradinaj: Respect our demands or there will be new sanctions

Talks on an agreement between Pristina and Belgrade are not conducted in secret: Thaci's advisor spoke

Blockade of "Kosovo Army", denial of money, cancellation of visit: Due to Pristina disobedience, the United States is ready for severe moves

Haradinaj "threatens" Federica Mogherini: You will lose the dialogue if you keep connecting it with taxes

Thaci: We have violated our relationship with the US due to small, harmful Serbia

Trump decided to break their spines: Washington introduces 4 new measures against Pristina

Haradinaj seizes Serbian property and does not want to talk about "Trepca": Pristina's answer to EU

While there are talks about taxes, the Albanians are carrying out a sinister plan to seize Trepca

New provocations of Pristina! Thaci no longer hides his plans: We have the historical right to the south of Serbia

The team from Pristina remained speechless after the meeting in Brussels: They ran away from the journalists when they heard the EU stance

A slap to Pristina from the USA! The announcement arrived: No one can take actions that are contrary to strategic interests, without facing the consequences

We have no obstacles to go to the elections, we are waiting for one thing: Vucic about snap elections (PHOTO)

We jumped over the table to settle this, and then Vucic jumped! Dacic about the details of a quarrel on the meeting with Albanians in Brussels

The US threatens Pristina! Abolish fees or we will introduce sanctions: What's written in the official document passed by the State Department

Brussels' block for Pristina! You won't make a single step towards the EU unless you abolish the taxes for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

What hides behind Rama's decision to erase the border between Albania and Kosovo and Metohija?

We are the most pro-American people in the world, the USA supports the agreement with Serbia in 2019: Thaci about the role of the USA on Kosovo

America decided to cut the Kosovo knot! A clear message of the ambassador in Pristina

Russia ready to join the negotiations about Kosovo: Popovic after the talks in Moscow