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"Sleep in peace, Granny": Mira made people happy with her flowers for 25 years, gets beautiful mural in Dorcol


People only had words of praise for her

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On tough days, when you feel terrible, a small sign of attention can mean a lot. This was possible thanks to Mira, the flower vendor from Dorcol known far and wide, who for 25 years made people happy by selling flowers on the corner of Strahinjica Bana and Rige od Fere streets.

Now, as a sign of gratitude for her kindness, she received a beautiful mural that adorns this part of Belgrade.

She was not just an ordinary street vendor, but a friend, almost a family member. From the corner, she always wished good morning and good luck for the day ahead to everyone who passed by.

Mira's corner became empty in September of this year. She will be remembered as an ordinary person who was making the world better with her kindness.

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"This is more than that, this is the story of Mira, who sold flowers for 25 years on the corner of Strahinjica Bana and Rige od Fere streets," states a post on the Vatovec Instagram account, adding that "neighbors say she was unique, that she was a companion, a friend, almost family, and that the corner is empty without her to wish you good morning, to safekeep your mail if the postman doesn't find you at home, to make a remark, a joke, always benevolent, to improve the day, to complete the daily life."

"Ordinary people, who change the world with their kindness. Mira's corner became empty in September of this year. Her corner received a memorial thanks to @ljubicaveskovic and her selfless commitment to keep Mira's smile as a reminder to everyone that there was once an exceptional woman here," the post said.

People commenting on it had nothing but words of praise, so one user wrote the following:

"I knew Mira in the past year since I've lived in the neighborhood, two corners from there, she was a woman of unique energy and great optimism towards life. Unfortunately, she left too soon, but she did leave an indelible mark in that area. I saw the mural the other day when it was finished and kudos for the initiative, there could not be a better tribute to Mira."

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