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Most beautiful view of most mystical part of Serbia can be seen from the top of Kucaj and Beljanica mountains

The Carpathian-Balkan massif in our country will soon receive a special status

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Kučaj - Beljanica

Photo: Ivan Strahinic

Caves, gorges, canyons, preserved oak and beech forests, as well as the best known rainforest in Serbia - Vinatovaca, are all located in the eastern part of our country, in the Kucaj-Beljanica Nature Park.

Although they form to the largest reservoir of drinking water in Serbia, these areas of untouched nature did not have the status of a national park until now, but the preservation procedure was initiated early this year.

The mountain massifs of Kucaj and Beljanica are also the most uninhabited parts of Serbia, whose natural beauty is breathtaking.

Waterfalls, sinkholes, subterranean rivers and karst springs, cut into limestone cliffs and overgrown with lush greenery, are a real challenge for hikers and explorers who know how to enjoy untouched nature.

The Carpathian-Balkan massif, to which Kucaj and Beljanica belong, is rich in caves and rock bridges, and the richness of the landscape is best seen from the peaks Velika Tresta, Ostri Kamen, Kiseli Vrh, Omanis, Kupalcina...

The Straza Peak connects Kucaj and Beljanica and is considered the most beautiful observation point in eastern Serbia.

Photo: Ivan Strahinic


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