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Prices of sunflower oil, sugar and T-400 flour limited: Government adopts regulation


At the meeting, the Decision was also amended temporarily banning export of Euro diesel EN 590 for another 15 days

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At today's meeting, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted a Regulation on limiting the price of basic foodstuffs, thus setting the price of edible sunflower oil to 219.99 dinars per liter maximum, of white crystal sugar to 114.99 dinars per kilogram, and of flour type T-400 to 84.7 dinars per kilogram.

In order to prevent major disruptions and preserve the living standard of the population, the Government limited the prices of oil derivatives by the amended Regulation, and bearing in mind that the business costs of economic entities that trade in oil derivatives have increased, it was decided to increase the amount of the margin they can charge in order to distribute the burden of the crisis as evenly as possible to all market participants.

At the session, the Decision was amended temporarily banning export of Euro diesel EN 590 for another 15 days, while the Government with its Decision on the temporary restriction of export of wood pellets allowed export of that product until January 31, 2023, in the amount of up to 24,000 tons.

Today, the Regulation to extend the deadline for submitting applications for subsidized allocation of safety frames for tractors until December 26, 2022 was adopted and amended, due to the large number of interested citizens.

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