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Croat President Milanovic shocks: "Kosovo was grabbed from Serbia, we and international community did it"


He said that the fact that Ukrainians pathologically hate Russians is a fact - while at the same time claiming that "Croats did not hate Serbs as much" as, according to him, "those over there hate Russians"

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Zoran Milanović

Pjoto: Tanjug/HINA/Daniel Kasap

"Kosovo was grabbed from Serbia", Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said today in Petrinja and added," "We and the international community did it."

Milanovic said this to journalists in the town of Petrinja, talking about the war in Ukraine and the similarities between Crimea and Kosovo and Metohija, reports Index.

"How long until you understand that Serbia and Russia is not the same? That this is unfortunately a painful fact and a danger. We annexed Kosovo. We and the international community. It was grabbed from Serbia. Who did it but us? Did we recognize Kosovo? It's not annexation, but land grab. What is it called? Extraction. Potato, potato. This is not bringing Kosovo into question, but the whole concept," Milanovic said.

According to him, it a concept where someone thinks they are right.

"The same goes for Crimea - Crimea will never be Ukraine again. That's what the leading German generals are saying," Milanovic said, adding that thousands of people are dying.

He said that "Russia is a dangerous country" and that, as he said, no one understands that.

"You are comparing the Serbs, these peasants who rebelled, with the world's nuclear superpower. Crazy emotions and hatred are putting Europe in great danger," Milanovic said at the send-off ceremony for Croatian soldiers going to a NATO mission in Lithuania.

He said that the fact that Ukrainians pathologically hate Russians is a fact, while at the same time claiming that "Croats did not hate Serbs as much" as - according to him, "those over there hate Russians."

"Putin and those people were cool until yesterday. They achieved success at the rang of top German politics. All of a sudden, they are the biggest enemies... German tanks in Russia? Good luck with that, good luck with that," says Milanovic.

When reminded by journalists that his assessments were wrong about Ukraine, when he claimed that Russia would never attack it, because it doesn't have enough soldiers, Milanovic repeated that this is correct.

"There are't enough. It was a bad decision by Russia because they thought that the government (in Ukraine) would collapse. We are getting deeper and deeper into conflict with a superpower. You know how they end up losing a war? By in the end using nuclear weapons," he said.

Milanovic added that he is trying to open the eyes of others because, as he says, "we are blundering into a war with a superpower."

"I see what is happening and crazy emotions are leading Europe into something it will not be able to handle," he said, Croatian media reported.


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