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Transport of Serbian dinars to Kosovo and Metohija banned: The money was meant for salaries, pensions, welfare

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Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

The money, in Serbian dinars, was to be transferred to the vault of the National Bank of Serbia in Leposavic

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The authorities in Pristina today did not allow a shipment of cash in Serbian dinar to enter Kosovo and Metohija. The money was, intended for salaries, pensions, welfare and other payments that Serbs are entitled to.

As the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) told the Kosovo Online site, although the vehicle with Serbian dinars was sent to the Jarinje admistrative crossing according to all the long-standing and very precise procedures, it was sent back today without any explanation or official notice of refusal.

The armored vehicle with the money that was sent by the NBS branch in Kragujevac arrived at Jarinje around 11 am, where the cash was supposed to be picked up by a vehicle belonging to the British company Henderson, which has a license to transport money, and with which NBS has successfully cooperated for years.

The dinars were supposed to be transported to the vault of the National Bank of Serbia in Leposavic.

However, said a Kosovo Online reporter, after several hours of waiting for approval from Pristina, the permit did not arrive and the entry of the money was prohibited.

This is the first transfer of money after February 1 and the coming into force of a decree of so-called Kosovo's Central Bank, banning the circulation of dinars in Kosovo and Metohija.


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