Montenegrins want to take Ostrog from Serbian Orthodox Church: They want the state to return "the stolen church property"

They left the luxury of Los Angeles, they put on traditional peasant shoes and came to a village in Serbia: Twins Marko and Luka are now the top farmers in this area (PHOTO)

CSKA fan told us how Red Star fans attacked him in Belgrade while he was with the murdered leader of Partizan fans, and then he gave the lesson to all Serbian Ultras (VIDEO)

THE KINGS: They are students for five days a week, and they are farmers during the weekend! Djordjevic brothers, between the country and the city (PHOTO)

Brothers Miodrag and Milos Kraljevic became fathers and uncles: Two sisters-in-law gave birth on the same day!

Who are Roganovic brothers? Vladimir was arrested today, one of the leaders of Kavacni clan. 10 days ago Dusko had both of his legs blown away, murderer of Red Star leader of fans (PHOTO)

Who was Sreten Karic? Bogoljub's right-hand man, the father of four...

So far unrevealed details from Jokic beginning: He was late in the attack, he asked the coach to get him out of the play and who was the only one who could annoy him

In the city of Nikola Jokic, where the new NBA champion was forged: His brothers had more talents, and then...

TWINS ZORAN AND BORIS LEFT THE CITY AND BOUGHT A FIELD: They live like gods now, and whole Serbia talks about them! (PHOTO)

WELL DONE, BOYS: Brothers from Cacak conquered the tallest peak of Europe, and when you hear the entire story, you will be THRILLED! (PHOTO)

Brothers Bojan and Boban take a chunk of wood and make something no one in Serbia does! (PHOTO)

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