Who are the brothers Milos and Vladimir Vidakovic: Well known in criminal circles, they ran a business with Montenegrins and one of them was shot twice

The brothers were liquidated six years apart

The murdered brothers Milos and Vladimir Vidakovic were well known in the police. One of them was found dead in Medellin in Columbia, the other one in Budva. Milos was liquidated from firearms, Vladimir with a strong dose of narcotics. They were both related to numerous criminal acts, they were well known for shootings in Belgrade, loans, drug dealing, and extortions. They were sentenced many times. 

The mysterious death of Vladimir Vidakovic in Colombia: The narco-mafia applied the "receipt of death", first they lured him, and then finished him? (PHOTO)

Milos was wounded many times before he was liquidated: He was wounded in 2009, in a shootout in Pancevo, and in the same year, he participated in the shootout when he was chasing with cars with four other young men. In April 2013, he was wounded in Zemun suburb Nova Galenika. Somewhat earlier, in October 2005, he was seriously wounded, while Zoran Lukic (24), his co-driver in BMW died when Vidakovic crashed through the fence on Pancevo bridge and landed on the railroad.

He became known in public in 2004 when he beat the police officers who stopped them in Pancevo for speeding.

Foto: Facebook/Vladimir Vidaković

He was killed on July 2nd, 2013, in front of the Old Town in Budva, he was shot. He was sitting by the bar when an attacker approached him from the back with a black heat and he shot three bullets to his chest. The murderer started to run, and he randomly shot several hits. After the shootout, more than 500 people, who were near the walls, started running and screaming in panic. Dozens of people received injuries when the stampede started. They were falling on top of each other.

Seriously wounded Vidakovic died on the way to the hospital. His daughter was born just several months later.

Vidakovic was a very close associate of Nikola Jovsic (30) from Pancevo, whose sister Tamara Radulovic (29) was murdered in May in the showdown between two groups of young men on a party in Belgrade club during the party for Jovsic's son.

Foto: Facebook/Vladimir Vidaković

He was famous as a very talented basketball player in his early youth.

His friend, famous basketball player Ivan Koljevic, was with Vidakovic at the moment of shooting. He told the police that everything happened very fast, that the murderer approached Vidakovic from his back, he shot him, and then he ran towards the hotel "Mogren".

One year after the murder, Milos Delibasic was arrested, it is believed that he prepared the terrain for the murder. He rented the apartment and the garage in the suburb Vidikovac in Budva, he rented vehicles and weapons. his accomplices allegedly drove in on a motorbike and they liquidated vVidakovic. Milos Delibasic was soon arrested by Serbian police in Budva and they made a connection to the murder of Nikola Bojovic (39), the brother of Luk Bojobic, who was murdered on April 29th, last year in the center of Belgrade. The two murders are unified in one process.

Milos Vujinovic and Slavisa Novakovic were sentenced in Special court in Belgrade to many years in prison for Milos' death.

Foto: MUP Srbije

It is presumed that 50.000 have been paid for the murder of Milos Vidakovic and that it was ordered by Vidakovic's godfather Strahinja Stojanovic. Stojanovic landed into the public eye when his jeep was blown away in August 2018.

He wasn't in the car at the moment, but Olac Bilbao was, the former miss of Marbella, and Stojanovic's fiance. She was collateral damage in the criminal war of the clans connected to Luka Bojobic. She suffered serious injuries. After that, there was a fight to save her leg, and thanks to the skills and expertise of the Serbian doctors, they managed to save it.

Little was known about Milos's brother Vladimir Vidakovic. It is known that he participated with his brother in many criminal acts, and he was related to drugs smuggling.

- There were operational data that Vladimir Vidakovic, after the death of his brother, has spread the drugs business, and that he even has the lab where he grows marijuana in Spain - said the source from the police.

Foto: Facebook/Vladimir Vidaković

He went to Columbia to allegedly organize the transport of cocaine to Europe. That channel worked for several months.

So far, there are suspicions that Vidakovic was killed by competition. It is believed that the "receipt of death" was applied, just like with the murder of Nenad Opacic. He was lured in, and then he was given the deadly dose of narcotics. The circumstances of Vidakovic's death are still investigated.

He was found dead in Medellin. He was identified in one of the local hospitals on the basis of a document of Serbia that was on his behalf.

The Colombian media reported the "suspicious death of a Serb tourist". The news from the Serbian police claims that there are suspicions that he was killed with a strong dose of narcotics. Inspectors in Colombia are investigating how Vidakovic has died exactly. An autopsy was performed and the results were pending.

The murdered Milos and his older brother Vladimir were often seen in the company of many singers and other celebrities, including the creator Sasa Vidic, and the brothers Marko and Nikola Rokvic.

VIDEO: The member of the Luka Bojovic clan was blown up

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