Veljko, Natalija, Andjela, and Radovan are a real sensation in Nis: Inseparable quadruplets celebrated their 18th birthday (PHOTO)

Since there are four of them, mother Lidija said that she has a feeling that she never hugged and kissed them enough

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- It often wasn't easy for us, but when I look back, I can say that all those problems were cute. It was the hardest when they are sick, four babies, and they all need attention... However, I was a really devoted mother, I wasn't working until two years ago, I wanted to give them a lot of love because it seemed to me that I never gave them enough attention, just because there are four of them - said Lidija Milenkovic from Nis, the mother of Veljko, Natalija, Andjela and Radovan, popular quadruplets from Nis who recently celebrated their 18th birthday.

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Four teenagers, although they don't look the same, are a real sensation in the city on the Nisava river, because they are almost always together. They were in the same class in elementary school, and they are together in the Medical high school where they will soon graduate.

- They get along very nicely, they are a real team, they always had the same friends. They help each other with classes in order to be even better so they can go to the desired faculties. We really want them to have successful careers, however, there will be a lot of expenses. The husband owns a game room, I work in a Social Welfare Center, but I am not permanently employed, and we will no longer receive the paychecks we did now that the children turned 18. However, we always emerged as winners, even when it was the hardest. We paid for In vitro fertilization on our own. I wouldn't change a thing, I would just hug them and kiss them even more, It seems to me that it is never enough - said the happy mother.

Foto: Telegraf

Lidija said that the mother-in-law Marina was a great help, and she is with her grandchildren even now all the time.

- They were real angels, and they are angels even today. These 18 years flew by. I am looking forward to their arrival from school, I am here to welcome them and to see them off when the parents are working, they are the greatest joy - said the proud grandma.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Each of the quadruplets started making decisions which will part them in different ways for the first time since all of them have different professional ambitions. One thing is common for all, they all want to remain in Serbia

- I would like to go to the Faculty of Law and to get a job here. I am not one of those who would chase money, I love staying here with my family - said Veljko. Radovan would like to go to some sports, Andjela would go to School of Pedagogy and Natalija to Faculty of Medicine. However, they won't allow life to set them apart, because they are used to staying together.

- We are a good example that it is not important what you have to be happy. We are used to the big family, I plan on having many children one day so they would all have the love and support like I have - concludes Veljko.

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