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They left the luxury of Los Angeles, they put on traditional peasant shoes and came to a village in Serbia: Twins Marko and Luka are now the top farmers in this area (PHOTO)

This is not a movie, this is real life

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Twins Marko and Luka Maksimovic can stand side by side with the most successful entrepreneurs because they are successfully growing blueberries together with their father Caslav in the village Bozurnja, near Topola.

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This is not a movie, this is a life story of Marko and Luka Maksimovic, 21-year-old twins born in Los Angeles.

Marko and Luka returned to Serbia 10 years ago, although they were born in the USA, and they say that it was their father's wish for them to grow up like Serbs.

They completed elementary school in Belgrade, then high school, and then they enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture.

- When we first enrolled in the first grade, we spoke Serbian badly, but we quickly became accustomed and it worked out very well - Luka said for "Blic".



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They began working on an independent agricultural business a few years ago in the village Bozurnja, near Topola. Their grandma from their father's side was born here.

They started thinking, on their own initiative, what would be the best in Sumadija which is known for its plums and vineyards.



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They came up with the idea to grow blueberries, and there weren't that much of them in Serbia. They say that the blueberries are the fruit of the millennia and it can be used dried, fresh, or frozen.

- We understood that the job with blueberries can bring a lot - Luka said and adds that the income grows by 280 percent each year.



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Marko and Luka say that they are more than happy. The job is constantly advancing, the demand is growing and they think that the blueberries are the future.

- The average price of blueberries is 5-6 euros per kilo, and they can grow up to 15 tons per hectare - Luka said, adding that the yearly expenses don't go over 15 percent of the total gross earnings.

However, they say that they are happy because they accomplished their goals in Serbia, despite the stereotypes that you can only succeed in the West.


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