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We haven't seen anything like this in Bosnia: The owner of the company gifted "Audi A8" to his best worker (PHOTO) (VIDEO)


A company survives only if it has a good team! The worker who earns money and who puts my ideas into reality deserves this present, said the boss

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The owner of the company from Sarajevo gave "Audi A8" as a gift to his, as he said, best worker, as a gratitude for all the good work he has done.

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We can say that this relationship towards the employee amazed the entire region, especially the troubled Emrah, who didn't expect this.

- A company survives only with a good team! A worker who cooperates and puts my ideas to reality deserves this present. This is from the heart, I am in charge of bringing investors into Bosnia and Herzegovina, to pass the knowledge to my people. Sometimes there are good and there are bad days, but good workers who believe in themselves and you are something the money can't buy. This "Audi" is a present to my worker Emrah, to show him that he is a part of us and that he has the future in this state, that we can move and turn everything - said Semir Kozic, the owner of the company, for Crna Hronika.

Emrah Rogo is the proud owner of "Audi A8".

This was a great shock for me today and I am still recovering from it. I didn't expect that he intended on giving me a car we talked about in the meetings, coffees, breaks. This present exceeds the material value it has because it is something the word "thanks" can't describe - said Emrah.

He added that he is prouder of his company, instead of himself because his success is - team success.

- We are a relatively young company which was started by my friend, and then my boss Semir, hopefully, to keep young people in the country and to show that success is possible. I am the first person who stands by Semir and this idea, to show with our spite and stubbornness that we are right, that we are valuable and that we can find success - said Emrah.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Crna Hronika)

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