Montenegrin Plantations are crying for workers: Daily wage €35, they mostly have workers from Serbia

The most numerous workers are from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, and there are few workers from Montenegro

One of the biggest wine producers in Montenegro, the "Plantaze" (Plantations) company, has a problem with the shortage of workers, although daily wages are up to 35 euros with food and accommodation provided.

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A good deal of work is done with the help of machines, however for certain jobs, it is necessary to have workers, which is why the company hires workers from all over the region, reports RTCG.

For jobs on plantations in August, this company needs 700 workers, and currently, there are about 40 workers working on picking peaches.

In the plantations of peaches in the Chemovo field in Podgorica, whose harvest is in progress, the workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are the most numerous and there are only a few workers from Montenegro. 

The director of the Wine-Orchard production company "13th July Plantations", Disan Kankaras, said that the picking of the wine grapes will start in the middle of August, and the company will need 700 workers and 3 combines.

- it is really rare to find good workers. The wages are slightly higher, but despite that, there are no workers. We have adopted the new plantations to mechanized harvesting systems so 750 hectares are picked up mechanically - said Kankaras.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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