Teme: crime

GTA in real life: Chaos in the streets, only the shooting was left out (VIDEO)

Final verdict for Radovan Karadzic: Final decision will be made today in the Hague tribunal against the first president of Republika Srpska

They gave me 500 euros to clean the apartment and to remove the evidence: Terrible confession of Smilja Scepanovic in the middle of the courtroom!

Police officer Marina saved a raped girl from even worse fate: She reacted quickly with her colleague Marko (PHOTO)

A complete list of the greatest sharks of the Serbian underground who were arrested today in the great police action (PHOTO)

Serbian drug clan "America" fell on its knees because of a Bosnian: Smuggling of 1.5 tons of cocaine from Peru to Belgium prevented (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Fake American soldiers tricked women from Croatia over Facebook: They promised life together, one of them lost 24.000 euros

The police issued a warrant for Davor Dragicevic and four more people: Banja Luka silent for the first time after the war

Children, aged 10 and 13, stole a car and went wild in Skopje: They lost control and landed in a channel (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Who is Slobodan Kascelan, arrested leader of Kavac clan: He threatened that he will remove all member of the opposite clan from the face of the Earth

A terrorist, commander of KLA, war criminal, organizer of heroin transport: Who is Rustem Mustafa Remi who will be put to trial in the Hague?

A mafia murder in Belgrade which lasted one minute: The murderer got close to Vlada Pop, and one little thing reveals the executor (PHOTO)

An ordinary man and his son won against the state after 13 years: "We were the greatest support to each other" (VIDEO)

He claimed that he was chosen by God and he doesn't accept defeat: Everything about Jair Bolsonaro, who defeated death, and now he could become the president of Brasil

A mole-man has been discovered: Serb robbed houses and jewelry shops by digging tunnels (VIDEO)

The battle for Interpol begins: The offensive of Pristina and the sharp response from Belgrade

Unprecedented crime over a banal reason: Mother, father and daughter brutally murdered while sleeping (VIDEO)

How many children do we have to lose? "Silence is not the answer": Igor Juric started a campaign for the life sentence for monsters who rape and kill a child

New attack on a lawyer: A molotov cocktail thrown into the office, everything burned in a fire

Boxer, known for setting his "Porsche" on fire in Belgrade, has caused a new scandal in Montenegro

Spanish Miss is being rescued by Serbian doctors, she is fighting an important battle: The best team of surgeons will try to save her leg

Bloody shooting after midnight in Bijelo Polje: One Serb was killed, the other one was wounded!

The arrest of Torcida in Serbia: Police stopped 400 hooligans, they seized axes, drugs, and barbells! (VIDEO)

Murdered lawyer Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic was married to the most beautiful Serbian (PHOTO)

The crime that will never be forgotten: It has been four years since the brutal murder of Tijana Juric

Google Maps captured a chase on our streets: The police are chasing the suspect, and the random passers-by are watching the action in disbelief

Srebrenica Commemoration: Thousands of people paid a tribute to the victims (VIDEO)

They stole 50 million dinars from Serbia: 15 people arrested for money laundering

106 people arrested and 10 gangs destroyed: Serbs involved in most organized international crime

Shooting in Belgrade: A man was murdered with 7 shots from a moving vehicle, the son of the victim was at the scene (PHOTO) (VIDEO)