Teme: Dangerous

An incredible feat of young Martin: He was one wrong step away from death, and he bravely continued to walk forward (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Two pyromaniacs arrested in Northern Macedonia: Fire engulfed vineyards, it threatens the houses and churches, people evacuated

Suicide game arrived near Serbia? Parents from Bosnia and Herzegovina fear for their children (PHOTO)

Two Staffordshire grabbed Tamara (10) by her neck: Blood was pouring around, they knocked her to the ground and they bit her, parents made a tough decision (PHOTO)

As soon as we headed to the forest, we have sunk into deep snow. We were stuck so we got the fire going until the help arrived: Drama in Serbian highlands

Incredible sight from Croatia: The sea disappeared, bora wind in Dalmatia caused a man to fly (VIDEO)

Tijana (29) from Uzica died from flu in the eighth month of pregnancy: The baby died in the stomach first, and then the unfortunate girl

29 people died from flu in Serbia so far: More than 104.000 people sick, most of them are children up to 4 years of age

"Serial killer on the loose, don't leave your houses!": He is the most wanted person in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he brutally murdered a police officer, his mother, and they aren't the only victims! (PHOTO)

Belgrade is the most polluted city in the world today: This air can be harmful to all people, and even lethal for some (INFOGRAPHICS)

Evacuation of the entire village due to the overturned ammonia tank: The police are placing people into vans, they carry only the most important belongings (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

A reckless driver hit the ramp on a railroad crossing and continued forward: A few seconds later a van comes and the train rushes by! (VIDEO)

The wind was literally carrying a plane in Tivat like a toy: Everything was shaking, the passengers panicked (VIDEO)

Canada warns its citizens to be careful if they travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

People in Belgrade have been complaining for days, and now the crane is literally hanging over their heads: Everything can collapse at any second (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A traffic light dangling by a thread confused the Montenegrins: It turns around after you to show that you drove through the red light (VIDEO)

Enormous spout blew away people and cars, it ripped trees out of the ground! A terrible whirl stormed through Dalmatia

Montenegro was shaking: Earthquake of 4.3 degrees struck Ulcinj

The dramatic video of infernal Serbian roads! The fire is burning from all sides, and the drivers are barely breathing due to the burned stubble

Vice President of the Assembly of Serbia had a serious car crash: He was rushed for surgery

It was snowing throughout the night, Serbian mountains became white: The scenes are like a fairytale, but the roads are dangerous (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Albanians stoned Serbs: We were afraid and we prayed, women lied down in the bus (VIDEO)

A terrible explosion in a refinery in Bosanski Brod claimed one life: A worker was found who died, he couldn't be saved

Serbia became white on the second day of the Autumn: Snow fell on Kopaonik and Zlatar, and we can expect frost and cold we haven't felt in a long time (PHOTO)

Young Britons broke into abandoned hotels in Croatia and they performed stunts: They recorded everything with a single footage (VIDEO)

Drunk Serb arrested in Croatia for driving on the wrong side of the road

The incredible sight at the sea near Rovinj: Four waterspouts were active at the same time (VIDEO)

Tragedy at the temple of St. Sava: Two dead in the National Library (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

Run, people! Ashes are falling over us, and the fire is getting close: Fire broke out in Petrovac on the sea, and the locals fear for their homes

Safe step into the abyss? New "Genoa" danger from the bridge Ujin Potok near Bar. The view of the construction causes chills (PHOTO)