A building on fire in Belgrade: Fire is swallowing apartments, people are screaming! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Drama in Ljubljana: A man took a city bus full of passengers, the police had to kill him to stop the bus

An incredible feat of young Martin: He was one wrong step away from death, and he bravely continued to walk forward (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Two pyromaniacs arrested in Northern Macedonia: Fire engulfed vineyards, it threatens the houses and churches, people evacuated

Suicide game arrived near Serbia? Parents from Bosnia and Herzegovina fear for their children (PHOTO)

Two Staffordshire grabbed Tamara (10) by her neck: Blood was pouring around, they knocked her to the ground and they bit her, parents made a tough decision (PHOTO)

As soon as we headed to the forest, we have sunk into deep snow. We were stuck so we got the fire going until the help arrived: Drama in Serbian highlands

Incredible sight from Croatia: The sea disappeared, bora wind in Dalmatia caused a man to fly (VIDEO)

Tijana (29) from Uzica died from flu in the eighth month of pregnancy: The baby died in the stomach first, and then the unfortunate girl

29 people died from flu in Serbia so far: More than 104.000 people sick, most of them are children up to 4 years of age

"Serial killer on the loose, don't leave your houses!": He is the most wanted person in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he brutally murdered a police officer, his mother, and they aren't the only victims! (PHOTO)

Belgrade is the most polluted city in the world today: This air can be harmful to all people, and even lethal for some (INFOGRAPHICS)

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