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"Serial killer on the loose, don't leave your houses!": He is the most wanted person in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he brutally murdered a police officer, his mother, and they aren't the only victims! (PHOTO)


The search for him has been extended to the entire country

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The Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation against Edin Gacic because there is a suspicion that he committed a serious murder. He is charged with the murder of Saud Sultanic in Podorasac near Konjic on Monday and for the murder of policeman Mahir Begic in Suhodol near Tarcin. Edin Gacic is the most wanted person in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and the search for him has been extended to the entire country. 

Gojko (20) was at the party and then he started walking home because he didn't have money for a taxi. His body was found in the morning by the road in the pool of blood (PHOTO)

A member of the Federal Police Administration (FUP), Mahir Begic, was killed in Suhodol near Tarcin.

Prosecutor's Office spokeswoman Azra Bavcic confirmed for Klix.ba that a member of the FUP was killed. This confirmation couldn't be done immediately until all the necessary investigation activities at the site of the tragedy had been completed.

- The investigation has continued, and the search for the perpetrator of this murder is intensively taking place - added Bavcic.


According to Klix.ba, teams are tirelessly searching for a killer. The search site is significantly broader than the area in Suhodol near Tarcin, and according to the information, it extends to Sarajevo settlements where the presence of the police on the ground has increased.

- Everything is checked, a wide area is being covered - said the source close to the investigation.

The police had previously warned the citizens of a dangerous killer.

- We are asking the public, if anyone has any information about him, to inform the closest police station. We are using this opportunity to point out that it is a very dangerous person, previously convicted murderer, he is armed and dangerous - announced from the Ministry of Internal affairs.

Since this is a very dangerous and armed person, who killed two men within a week, citizens are warned to be careful and not to leave the house without a need.

Edin Gacic, wanted for the murder of a policeman, has been on the run for days for killing Saud Sultanic in Podoracac near Konjic, which he committed on February 4th. 

Namely, he killed Saud Sultanic (39) with a cold weapon at the store, after which he escaped.

Edin Gacic is around 180 cm tall, he is thinner and he was last seen in a dark blue jacket, light pants, a brown knitted hat, and he had glasses.


We remind you that Edin Gacic served an eight-year sentence for the murder of a colleague from the "El Mujahid" Squad, and in 2002 he killed his mother in Zenica with two shots from his pistol. 

Police arrested him several days later, and in February 2003 the Cantonal Court sentenced him to a unique sentence of 20 years in prison for both murders. After spending nearly 15 years in the Zenica prison, Gacic was transferred to a prison in Bihac where he spent the rest of his sentence.

Gacic published bizarre photos on Facebook, but also wrote the articles dealing with "conspiracy theories". Many believe that it is a mentally unstable person, and for that reason, a great number of people are afraid of him.

VIDEO: A man suspected of murder was arrested

(Telegraf.co.uk / Klix.ba)

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