A raging river flooded houses in just 20 minutes. Water is ruthlessly breaking the suburbs on Balkans, the cyclone from Italy is a threat (VIDEO)

The situation in Prijedor is really difficult, and the locals are fighting with the water in their homes

Flood waters caused problems in many areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The level of rivers has risen after the cyclone in Italy and massive precipitation in Croatia.

Storm wind ripped out roofs, traffic lights, and trees around Zagreb: Capital of Croatia woke up in the worst possible state (PHOTO)


In the local information center, Srna was told that heavy precipitation caused torrents in the areas Vudorija and Tunjica in Novi Grad, and so far, there are no reports that the water entered the residential objects.

The traffic is slow on the road Novi Grad - Prijedor due to accumulated water on the road and the tree branches which were brought with the flood.

Strong rain in Novi Grad has been falling since the afternoon hours yesterday.

The streets are almost impassable.


The Poharska river came out of its riverbed in the area Urije, and the water went in several houses in this Prijedor place.

The frightened locals addressed the Srpskainfo editorial staff and they stated that the river came to their households in just 20 minutes.

- Around 17:40, river Puharska started growing rapidly, it left its riverbed by 18:05. It went into several houses, and a lot of households are in danger. The problem is, there is a lot of waste and shrubs, and the bridge in Unska street has been renovated and it was narrowed which makes the water flood more easily  - said a local from this area.


With the cyclone in Northern Italy on Saturday and a lot of local precipitation, the level of water rose.

45 mm of rain was recorded up to 17h in RIpenda Vicara, and around 40 in Kazakap, Pazino, Casa Rossa...

A large amount of rain in a short time period saturated the ground with water, it caused sudden flooding of Istria rivers. Mirna river went out of its riverbed. The level of Pazincica significantly rose, writes Istramet.

The strong wind ripped out the great tree on Luscic in Karlovac, which fell down on a parked car.


The Republic Hydrometeorological Institute has issued a warning about heavy precipitation, starting from last night. The operational chamber consisting of the representatives of the Sector for Emergency Situations, "Srbijavoda", the army and the police, was formed, while the level of preparedness was raised to the highest level.

Srbijavoda's director, Goran Puzovic, said that there could be an increase in river levels on Kolubara, Jadar, Lugomir, Resava, Lepenica, South and West Morava.

VIDEO: What was left from Umcari after the terrible floods from the last year 


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