Drama in Ljubljana: A man took a city bus full of passengers, the police had to kill him to stop the bus

The police tried to stop the vehicle several times, after which the hijacker was killed

A person was killed in Ljubljana city bus who, according to the media, tried to hijack the vehicle on Thursday evening, threatening the driver.

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According to information from the Ljubljana-based "Delo", an unknown person forced the driver who was driving on a regular route to turn towards the bypass, threatening to kill him.

The driver, according to the newspaper, maintained his composure and turned in the direction demanded by the hijacker, but then deliberately passed through the red at a traffic light to alert the police.

The police confirmed the incident, reports "Delo", and that one person is dead. It is unofficially stated that it is the attacker or the hijacker. 

The spokeswoman of Ljubljana police, Natasa Pucko, said that there will be more information when the police conduct the investigation.

Director of the Ljubljana Passenger Transport Peter Horvat told "Delo" that the incident occurred around 21:00 on the 6B bus line.

According to the unofficial information of the Slovenia media, one of the passengers called the police with the phone. The media report that the police tried to stop the vehicle several times, after which the hijacker was killed.

VIDEO: Burst fire in the city streets 

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