Tijana (29) from Uzica died from flu in the eighth month of pregnancy: The baby died in the stomach first, and then the unfortunate girl

Before Tijana, flu took away the life of Tanja Arsenijevic (42) from Uzice, the mother of a seven-year-old girl

Flu took two more victims in the Uzice area - pregnant woman Tijana Gardic (29) and Tanja Arsenijevic (42)! This is claimed by the friends and acquaintances of the deceased, although they gave no answer at the Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Batut" regarding this case. Tijana, according to her friends, passed away due to complications caused by flu on February 18th in the hospital in Belgrade, and Tanja 12 days earlier in Uzice, nighter of them had any chronic diseases.

11 people died from flu in Montenegro, 4 of them died last week

Tijana was eight months pregnant and she was buried yesterday on the city cemetery Saric Osoja in Uzice. 

- The situation became very complicated, so she was urgently transported to the hospital in Belgrade. However, they said that the baby already died in her stomach, and she died after that - the acquaintances said.

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Friends of Tanja Arsenijevic and her husband said that she had all of the symptoms of flu. She was admitted to Uzice hospital in a very serious state, and she passed away after two days.

- She arrived at the hospital in a very bad state and she was put on artificial lungs immediately. However, she didn't survive. No analysis to the presence of the influenza virus was performed - they unofficially said in Uzice hospital.

She recently started working in a company and she was going to work with a fever. She and her family were in a bad financial state because her husband recently had a surgery and he was not working, and they have a daughter which is going to the first grade. She didn't want to go to a sick leave because she knew her salary will be much smaller. In the meantime, she was going to the doctor's and she was told to come to the hospital to lie in bed because her lungs were in a very bad state. However, she didn't want to do that because of work. When the sickness completely took over, she went to the hospital but it was too late - Tanja's friends said.

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