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Slovenia plans on launching two satellites into space: They will record Earth from the altitude of 600 kilometers

Serbia from Dublin to the Ural: If one flag had to replace everyone else in Europe, it would be Serbian (GRAPHICS)

Montenegrin Edin Krnic has visited 111 countries so far: I do not go to expensive hotels, but I met a king, lived with the tribe and had a great time in Pyongyang (PHOTO)

Albania safer than Serbia, but the other neighboring countries are far behind

Dejan (25) traveled to Columbia and he discovered what the locals think about Yugoslavia, and what do they think about Escobar now (PHOTO)

Marko, the youngest champion of Serbia ever: A miracle child won all the gold medals and he became five-time champion, he is winning against masters in a heartbeat (PHOTO)

Bravo! Serbia advances to the final of Eurovision! (VIDEO)

The government decided: This is the minister who will be banned from entering Serbia

Valentina from Surdulica reached the tops of Andes in South America: She ate llama meat and she barely survived (PHOTO)

Former German soldier fell in love with Bosnia: He lived in America, he has been all across Europe, and he decided to settle down in Sarajevo (VIDEO)

IT IS OFFICIAL: Telenor sold for 2.8 billion euros

He brought the champion's title to his team when he was 18 years old! They didn't believe that someone from here can play basketball like that! (VIDEO)


Serbian passport worths a lot: We can go to 119 countries without visas, and here's the situation with Croats

Partizan fan was disfigured: His teeth were smashed out, his nose ripped off, he almost lost an ear

Croatia is entering the Schengen zone!

Europe is talking about the bloody riot at the derby: Pictures from Belgrade traveled from England to Russia! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Europe's wealth map: Serbia is terrible, the worst from all of the former Yugoslavia. Is Iceland the richest country?

CROATS CLAIM that they saw a document which states when will SERBIA JOIN EU

Bosnia and Herzegovina the poorest country in Europe by far: Every sixth citizen goes to bed hungry

A Croat sent just one sentence where he explained why is his country actually dead (PHOTO)

People of Belgrade disappointed in Black Friday: They are cheating us, this is not on discount! We expected much more (PHOTO)

Scandal in Brussels: Haradinaj insulted Mogherini, she left the meeting

National Assembly adopted a Conclusion of Law, Albanian becomes the second official language in Macedonia?

CALCULATIONS: How can Partizan and Red Star secure the spring in Europe in the next round of Europa League?

BREAST CANCER WON'T BE SURGICALLY REMOVED ANYMORE? A revolutionary vaccine and a pill will kill the tumor cells

EXCLUSIVE - Johannes Hahn for Telegraf: Serbia can join the EU before 2025 - THIS IS THE REQUIREMENT (PHOTO)

Slovenia has decided: We don't want casual tourists anymore, we want those with deep pockets

NEW SLAP TO SERBIA FROM BRUSSELS: Juncker is now opposed of Balkans entering EU quickly

FIRE IS SPREADING OVER BOSNIA: One of the tallest mountains is in danger, fire is going to the top (VIDEO)