Serbia from Dublin to the Ural: If one flag had to replace everyone else in Europe, it would be Serbian (GRAPHICS)

The comparison of the flags was made according to the color representation

An interesting graphic analysis of the color representation of all flags of the world appeared in Reddit, but also for each continent individually. According to this analysis, the Serbian flag is the most similar to all other European Flags.

Slovenia and Croatia have the least influence in the EU, and this country "disappoints the most"

This means that if at one point we decided to choose only one flag for the whole continent of Europe and that the flag in color was most similar to everything else, it would definitely be Serbian.

Foto ilustracija: Reddit

The most common color of the flags in Europe is red, followed by white and blue, and in the fourth place is yellow. Red and white colors dominate our flag both in strips and in the coat of arms, while the yellow color is also present, mostly in the crown of the coat of arms.

"Serbia from Dublin to the Ural", "Heavenly people", are some of the comments on Reddit for this analysis.

Orange is the least represented in Europe, and the light blue color is also very rare.

Red and blue are the most common colors in the world, but green has its fair share. That is why the colorful flag of Seychelles is most similar to all the world's flags and the inhabitants of this island nation in East Africa can proudly say that their flag can become a world-wide flag.

Green is especially dominant in Africa, while shades of blue are dominating in Oceania: dark and light.


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