Teme: Finals

Deki Savic showed Croats what it means to be a gentleman: Take a look what was the first thing he did after Serbian victory (VIDEO)

How did the Serbian press report Croatia's advancement to the finals of the World Championship? (PHOTO)

Snoop Dogg put on a "squared" jersey and he caused delirium among Croatian fans! (PHOTO)

LIKE A MOVIE: Team from Zemun won against Novi Sad in the Serbian finals of the World Tour with the craziest shot! (VIDEO)

GOLD VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS: Serbia won against Netherlands and became the champion of Europe!

Brnabic and Cerar sent a true image from Balkans: They watched the finals together, and then they went down on the court with the flags of Serbia and Slovenia (PHOTO)

Lucic removed his protective gear, sat down and started crying: This is the most painful moment of one of Serbian heroes on Eurobasket! (VIDEO)

Stimac's message for the Eagles who missed the tournament: Teo, Joko, Radulja, Kale, Nedo, Simke... (PHOTO)

Bogdan cried while giving the statement, reporters on the brink of tears: I feel bad for losing strength... It doesn't matter! (VIDEO)

We are ready for the "fight" with Serbs: The most important player of Russia wants to go into the final! (VIDEO)

Spanovic: Everything was as planned (PHOTO)

Great victory of athletic queen Ivana Spanovic: Klishina threatened, but the Serb celebrated on exciting rally of Diamond league! (PHOTO)

SERBIA CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! Basketball players have conquered everybody and defended the title! (VIDEO)

NEVER MORE DRAMATIC: Tijana did not make it, Serbia without the "Eurovision" finals, Croatia advances! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Ivan Miljkovic in tears at the age of 38: We were eight in the championship, and we won the trophy in a magnificent way! (VIDEO)

Crowded Marakana, 95.000 people waited for victory: The day when Dule Savic went with head to a boot for finals (VIDEO)

All Ivana's medals for Serbia: Next one will be the anniversary medal! (PHOTO)

Have you noticed a change on Ivana before the finals? Did this bring her the power to make history in the Arena? (PHOTO)

Golden Ivana: I wanted to make my people proud, thank you for being a part of history! (VIDEO)

LET US BOW TO QUEEN IVANA: Gold for Spanovic with record, tears and ovations in Arena! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

HEAVENLY FLIGHT AND TEARS OF JOY: Watch the incredible Ivana Spanovic jump of 7.24 meters (VIDEO)

What a finals announcement: Ivana's jump of 7.03 meters (360 VIDEO)

Coach Obradovic announced: Spanovic is preparing a surprise for the finals!

Ivana, with a big smile, sent a message before the finals: Over seven meters? Of course i can do it again! (VIDEO)

Ivana's jump of the season: Finals from the first run for Spanovic! (VIDEO)

Serbia has demonstrated that is the country of athletics: Fans filled the stands, fantastic atmosphere in the Arena (PHOTO)

Goran Nava ended his career, but he did not qualify for the finals!

Tamara Salaski and Dusan Makevic without finals on the European Championship in athletics!

FIRST FINAL FOR SERBIA: Lazar Anic set a personal record in the long jump! (PHOTO)

DJOKOVIC: I'm happy that Federer and Nadal are here!