Lucic removed his protective gear, sat down and started crying: This is the most painful moment of one of Serbian heroes on Eurobasket! (VIDEO)

Former captain of Partizan couldn't deal with the referees' decisions and with the defeat in the finish

Serbian basketball players have given their best in the fight for European gold in Istanbul, and in the end, they had to settle for the silver medal, and that was hard for Vladimir Lucic.

Bogdan cried while giving the statement, reporters on the brink of tears: I feel bad for losing strength... It doesn't matter! (VIDEO)

Stimac's message for the Eagles who missed the tournament: Teo, Joko, Radulja, Kale, Nedo, Simke... (PHOTO)

Just 30 seconds before the end, at the score 90:82, Lucic took off his protective pads he was wearing on his left hand due to injury, he sat down on the bench and he couldn't hold his tears.

The hopes for the gold medal were shut down with the unreal game of Goran Dragic, he scored 35 points, and with certain decisions that returned Slovenia back to the golden tracks.

That is why the Lucic scene was the most painful before the end, that was the despair of the guy who was prevented to play for the Eagles so many times due to the injury, and now, he missed his historic chance for the throne.

You can see those moments from the eight minute of the video:


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