Stimac's message for the Eagles who missed the tournament: Teo, Joko, Radulja, Kale, Nedo, Simke... (PHOTO)

As always, Stimac is not holding back on the court, but also on emotions

Serbian basketball player Vladimir Stimac had a touching message after the silver on Eurobasket.

Bogdan cried while giving the statement, reporters on the brink of tears: I feel bad for losing strength... It doesn't matter! (VIDEO)

- I give my heart to you, I bow to the ground, my heavenly Serbia! My only wish is that my son and daughter put you on their chests, and I can rest in peace!! Guys, it was the honor to be beside you and to share everything with those kinds of men and greatnesses... My brothers Simke, Teo, Raduljica, Beli, Pefi, Joka, Kale, and Nedo, I miss you in every way... Thank you great Sale, it was the honor being with you and with the people of the expert staff!! Serbia above everything else! 


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