SERBIA CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! Basketball players have conquered everybody and defended the title! (VIDEO)

Serbian basketball players defeated Netherlands with 21:18 and defended the title of the world champions

The national team of Serbia in basket 3 on 3 defended the title of the Champion of the World in France.

THE DAY WHEN PUTIN THUNDERED: Whoever has problems with that, he can suffer, my Serbia is World Champion! (VIDEO)

Serbia defeated Netherlands in the finals with 21:18 with Bulut's points. 

This is the third gold medal in the last four world championships.

Printskrimn: Youtube/FIBA

Printskrimn: Youtube/FIBA

Our team was composed of Dusan Domovic Bulut, Dejan Majstorovic, Marko Savic and Marko Zdero.

In the quarter-finals they won against US selection in the semi-finals against France. France won the third place against Slovenia with the score 18:17.

The Netherlands led at the start with 4: 1, but our guys cleared the lead with 6: 5 with a solid defense. In 6 minutes, Serbia took the initiative with two two points of Majstorovic and reached 13:10, and little later 16:13. The game was quite fast, and our guys demonstrated good shooting for two points for 20:18.


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