25 godina od 1. epizode serije "Prijatelji": Ako danas guglate nekog od likova, čeka vas iznenađenje

As soon as we headed to the forest, we have sunk into deep snow. We were stuck so we got the fire going until the help arrived: Drama in Serbian highlands

Nikola (25) came to a life-changing and life-saving decision, he gave his friend Luka his kidney and part of the liver. The doctor said: One out of 10 dies, are you ready for this? (PHOTO)

Gojko (20) was at the party and then he started walking home because he didn't have money for a taxi. His body was found in the morning by the road in the pool of blood (PHOTO)

Džoi otkrio nepoznate detalje iz popularne serije "Prijatelji"

Where are our young doctors, IT experts, intellectuals? They work and they enjoy side by side with Croats, Bosnians, and Montenegrins

True love doesn't always come from the direction we are looking: Katie Fforde creates incredible romantic stories (PHOTO)

"Night Wolves" have been riding our roads and spreading the fraternity with Russia for a decade: They now have a strong message for "Hells Angels" who arrived at Jagodina (PHOTO)

Milica cut her veins in Belgrade park: They raped her, and whomever she called that night didn't answer (VIDEO)

He was a Hungarian, a Catholic, he declared as a Yugoslav and he loved Serbia more than all of us: Shocking confession of a friend of the pilot who died (PHOTO)

Stefan (16) taught a lesson to his generation with his essay: We becoming dumb with modern technology and we don't know how to live! (PHOTO)

Three fingers, then two: Croats and Serbs sang together with Tompson songs on Jahorina (VIDEO)

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