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"Night Wolves" have been riding our roads and spreading the fraternity with Russia for a decade: They now have a strong message for "Hells Angels" who arrived at Jagodina (PHOTO)


Serbian "Night Wolves" are celebrating 10 years anniversary since the day they were founded

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Motorcycle club "Night Wolves" completely demolishes the stereotype that the bikers are "ugly, dirty, and evil", and they placed a mission upon themselves to promote and to keep the patriotic tradition and impassable civilization values. On this day, exactly 10 years ago, the "Night Wolf MG Serbia" was formed, which was soon transformed into the branch of Russian 'Night Wolves", motorcycle club founded in 1989, whose members count in thousands all over Europe.

Jagodina under siege, no one can enter the city without detailed inspection and special permit: The arrival of 2.000 "Hells Angels" is expected (PHOTO)

- We will celebrate the anniversary on June 15th and 16th on Ada Ciganlija, there won't be an entrance fee, and we expect the visitor to give a monetary contribution to the organizations which will be our guests. Those are associations that gather funds for children to help them treat cancer, and then the association "Cirilica" which keeps the tradition of our written letter and other that act in accordance with our goals - Savic explains.

Foto: Facebook/Privatna arhiva

Our dearest guests will come from Russia and we have the unbreakable friendship with them.

- Our mission is to preserve the Serbian Russian historical heritage, culture, religion, everything that connects us. Except in Serbia, we have members in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. We all do different professions, from manual labor to doctors and academics, but we all have something in common, patriotism and love for Russia - Savic said, who is the coordinator of the inner control for the south of Serbia in the Auto-Moto Association of Serbia.

"Night Wolves" in Russia are led by Alexander Zaldostanov, better known as Surgeon, and the members of this club are considered to be great friends of Vladimir Putin. Savic proudly said that he was in the company of Russian president six times and that he has 5 decorations, including one which was given to him by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Foto: Facebook/Privatna arhiva

- I gladly go to Russia, of course, on a bike, at least twice a year for the birthday of our club and in August, to Crimea, where the "Bike Show" is held. I had the opportunity to meet high officials of Russia and I have a lot of friends among them - Savic said.

When asked to comment on the arrival of "Hells Angels" to Serbia, Savic said that he wishes all the best. 

- Everybody chose their own way to drive. I have friends among them, and I wish all the best to every motorcycle driver. I respect everybody's choice, tradition, and culture, under the condition that they don't insult ours - Savic concludes.

VIDEO: Who are "Night Wolves" and why is Europe afraid of them? 

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