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Gojko (20) was at the party and then he started walking home because he didn't have money for a taxi. His body was found in the morning by the road in the pool of blood (PHOTO)

He was a calm and withdrawn young man

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Gojko Grozdanic (20) from Apatin went out to the city on Saturday night with his friends, and they brought him home in a coffin.

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They went to Stapar, a place near Apatin to a party, and Gojko had no money to return home, so he walked. When they saw him for the last time he was alive and well and he said that he was going home to sleep, and he never reached the destination.

His body was quite accidentally discovered by a taxi driver by the road, it was 4 in the morning.

Gojko was lying in the pool of blood, and the taxi driver immediately the police, which could only determine death. He had head injuries and the body was sent to the autopsy to Novi Sad do determine how the injuries occurred and why death happened.

Foto: Facebook/Гојко Грозданић

According to the sources close to the investigation, it is presumed that Gojko was struck by a car, which fled the scene.

There was a lot of fog that night, and the road was poorly lit, above all, Gojko was walking without a yellow west which would make him much more noticeable.

His friends say that he was a friendly, quiet and withdrawn guy.

The investigation will determine what truly happened 10 km away from Stupar near Apatin.

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