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Horrible video of schoolyard fight in Barajevo: Girls slap another, curse and laugh

The victim of the violence and one of the bullies are students in the same class of the first grade of the Barajevo high school, while the other violent girl came from a Zvezdara high school

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Two girls (14) have been filmed in the yard of a school in Barajevo beating and tormenting their peer, taking turns in slapping her. During this time other children are laughing and even the bullies themselves smile. The newsroom of Telegraf.rs came into possession of the video, which was made on Tuesday. We learned that the footage has in the meantime gone viral and is spreading among students of other schools.

"What were you saying," one of the bullies asks the victim.

She taps her on the head while the other children surround her, cursing her profusely.

"If you tell my mom, you'll get beaten up three hundred times worse," she makes a threat as another bully, wearing a black T-shirt, approaches.

"You're shaking, you're shaking, I'm shaking too," the bully in a pink T-shirt continues, mimicking shaking hands, then hitting the victim on the head.

"Come here, who told you to go, who told you to go. Put your hands down! What were you saying?," says the girl in a black T-shirt, and slaps the victim repeatedly.

The conflict allegedly arose because, as heard in the video, the victim had said that the girl in the black T-shirt was "a wh*re."

The victim of the violence and one of the bullies are students in the same class of the first grade of the Barajevo high school, while the other violent girl came from a Zvezdara high school, director of the Barajevo school Dobrivoje Jelic told Telegraf.rs.

"The video was not made in our yard, but in the yard of a neighboring elementary school. However, two of the girls are our students, they go to the same class. We have been informed about the video. The police came to see me yesterday, and I've already spoken with the parents of both students. A procedure has been launched, and as far as I know, the police will most likely to file charges for violent behavior against the students," Director Jelic told Telegraf.rs.

Asked if it was true that the girl who was attacked is a special needs child, as has been said on social networks, the director said the student was not attending an inclusive educational program.

"I think that this school, compared to most others in Belgrade, has a high level of security. Something like this never happened to us and we will take all measures to prevent such situations from happening again," he said.

Zastrašujući snimak vršnjačkog nasilja u Barajevu

Screenshot: Telegraf


Jelic said that in his opinion, even talking publicly about peer violence makes it interesting to children.

"They watch the Farm and all sorts of (reality) programs and what you see in the video is situation replicated from some reality shows. What can the school do, what can parents do when children turn on the TV and see the picture of our social life," he said.

If you know of a child that is bullied or bullies others, you should report it to the authorities.

Every child deserves a carefree childhood and the ability to go to school and return home safely.


On the order of the prosecution for juveniles, the police will file complaints against the two minors, aged 14 and 15, Telegraf.rs has learned.


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