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Tara's poem about the death of the Serbian soldier entered the final of the competition in Great Britain, and these are the verses for the victory


However, it is uncertain if Tara will manage to gather enough resources for this trip to read her song about the Serbian hero in person

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The destiny of a mother of a Serbian soldier who lost his life while retreating over Albania inspired young Tara Stankovic to write a poem, a poem which reached to the final of the International competition in poetry, organized by the university Lincoln in Great Britan.

Nemanja (23) graduated from two universities, and he wanted to leave Serbia: After our story, he received that changed everything (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Tara is a student of the first grade of the First Belgrade Gymnasium, and the topic of this competition, whose finals will be held on November 15th, is marking the 100th anniversary from the Great War.

Out of the total 544 poems evaluated by the jury consisting of the well-known British writers and university professors, Tara's song in English, under the name "The message from the sky" impressed the jury.

The poem is about a mother who made a pair of socks for the son. She was searching for him on the battlefield. Mother then met King Petar and begged him to find his son and to give him the socks. 

„Požuri! Dete se smrzava!“ malo je poznata fotografija povlačenja Srba preko Albanije. Foto: Wikimedia Commons/Samson Černov/„Petogodišnji rat — Srbi 1912-1916“, London 1916.

The king soon found out that the son is dead, and he raised a monument for him and his mother who died from sorrow. A few years later, the King Petar died, and a pair of red socks were found under his arm.

University Lincoln will be a publisher of the Collection of best poems of Great Britain about the Great War, and Tara's poem about the Serbian mother will be there. The book will be symbolically published on November 11th, 2018, the day when the World War I ended.

- Tara was invited as a finalist and the only representative of Serbia in this competition, to read her poem in the main ceremony in Lincoln, the city where the first tank was created and used in WWI. Tara is interested in history and literature. She read a lot about WWI, and she learned about the competition so she decided to represent our Serbian army - said her mother Sanja.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

The other young poets will go there as well, whose songs illustrated the terrors and suffering during the Great War. However, it is uncertain if Tara will manage to gather enough resources for this trip to read her song about the Serbian hero in person. 

This student has won on many domestic and international competitions, and she was a laureate of the Shakespear Foundation from Stratford.

Telegraf gives you a part of Tara's poem: 

Dear mother, your son lost his life

on a cold, black, winter night.

The socks you knitted delicately

your son never got to touch.

Death was the only one

who got to warm him up.

The wind of war took him away

he gave his life for his land, so brave.

Yes I know he was very young

full of dreams and vibrance.

Strong mother please wipe your tears

because now he is a shining star from dreams.

Please don't look on the road now

because he will not come soon.

He gave his heart, life and eyes

for lovely wishes of every child.

Please mother, don't be so sorrowful

for his grave now is light and full of fate.

Now winter can't touch him

and his soul is within us all.

Hear the message from heaven

be strong, just as he was.

(Telegraf.co.uk / G.A.)

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