Jovan united entire Serbia with his sad story, and now the boy from Vrmdza will get a house

I am happy now that I have my donkey, a sheep, and that they will build me a home where I can live in

The story about the sixteen-year-old Jovan from the village Vrmdza caused a great attention from the public and encouraged many to help him. A great number of citizens sent money, gifts. Even the foundation of "Ana and Vlade Divac" responded, who donated the houses in the weekend suburb near Sokobanja, according to the wish of Jovan's late father.

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Jovan's life changed in just a few days - he got electricity, and benefactors, who wished to remain anonymous, gifted a donkey and a sheep.

Jovan iz sela Vrmdže Foto: Printscreen/ RTS

- I am now happy that I have a donkey and a sheep, and that they will build me a house where I will be able to live - Jovan Nikolic said from the village Vrmdze.

Foundation "Ana and Vlade Divac:", also with benefactors, provided a house to Jovan's family last year, while his father was still alive. The rule is that the socially endangered family chooses the house.

- Their interest is to buy this house because the hospital is near, Novica is a very sick man and he often went to a hospital, he needed a doctor", said Marija Tomic from the foundation "Ana and Vlade Divac".

Jovan iz sela Vrmdže Foto: Printscreen/ RTS

No one is using the house at the moment so everything was alright. No one noticed the foundation that Jovan has left the house in the meantime.

- He lived there, you can see that by the things he left there, he used to eat there, he was really there and we were sure of that because we visit the families we help, to see how are they getting along. They told us from the Social Welfare Center that they tried motivating Jovan, but they failed - Marija Tomic said.

- He is a really mature boy for his age and we simply have no means to convince him into something that he won't do - Vladimir Pavlovic said, the director of the Social Welfare center in Sokobanja.

Jovan iz sela Vrmdže Foto: Printscreen/ RTS

- We didn't expect that these many people will answer, we just wanted to help him to solve the electricity problem - Slavisa Krstic from the local community Vrmdza said.

Jovan is not giving up from his decision. Benefactors appeared these days who wish to build him a new house in Vrmdza.

- I have a place to work here, I have my neighbors, everyone wants to help me here, and If I go there, no one will know me - Jovan said.

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