An older man blackmailed a girl and forced her to have sex: If you are not mine, I will publish your naked photos

A fight of men in the middle of a street in Zadar: The reaction of the people passing by is truly incredible (VIDEO)

They meet for the first time, they exchange few words and "hook-up" from the door: After the action, they split up as if nothing happened. These ads pushed the limits in Serbia (PHOTO)

Serb girl fell in love with Albanian and she left there, although she was forbidden: She knew only one word, and they talked in 2 languages

Drama in Belgrade: The owner threatens that he will jump off from the roof of the hotel, and it isn't his first time (PHOTO)

The event that discussed the region: A man from Bosnia and Herzegovina raped a goat

"The average size of Serbian pride is 18cm and Albanian 13cm": How many women dream about sex with Albanian, and how many Albanians would go to bed with a Serbian?

She writes novels about true destinies of strong women who believe in love: Her books are bestsellers and they all have an important message (PHOTO)

The woman who created the "sexiest stud in the world" said that romance is still not dead, but she reveals what can kill it (PHOTO)

They accused a Bosnian of kidnapping a girl, and then they both showed up to the police and kissed in front of everybody

He got out of the police station and he KIDNAPPED a girl, the entire city was alarmed: Movie like chase in Mostar

Croat got a vibrator stuck in his anus, it was vibrating the entire day: His wife called for a doctor, and they were speechless when they heard the entire story!

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