"No one saw what exactly happened, we just found a girl unconscious": A worker fell from a building on a terrace, and then on a child in Kosovska Mitrovica

The worker fell from a height of 20 meters

Two people were injured this morning in the center of North Mitrovica when a worker fell down from a building. First, he fell down on the concrete terrace and then on the girl that was passing near the construction site.

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Worker B.S. fell down with boards from the third floor of the building which is being constructed in the center of Mitrovica, Radio Kontakt Plus finds out.

The worker was taking off the wooden shell from the third floor when the platform he was standing on broke and he fell down from the height of 20 meters. At that moment, a girl was walking by and part of those wooden boards fell on top of her. Eyewitnesses of this event said that the sight was terrible.

- I was selling flowers when I heard the scream of a worker for help. I ran and I saw a man lying down and unconscious girl. I took her in my arms and I started running towards the main street. An ambulance came at that moment and we took her in. She regained consciousness on the way to the hospital - said Fatmir Ljatifi for "Novosti".

Foto: Telegraf

Members of the Kosovo police force performed an investigation on the scene.

They said in the Clinical Hospital Center of North Mitrovica that the injured worker and a female person were admitted and the diagnostic is in progress. 

Marko Milentijevic rushed to help the injured persons immediately after the accident.

- Boards and the man fell on the girl. We were working there, as soon as it broke down, we started running, we took the girl to the ambulance, and then we put the worker in a car, that's all we know - said Milintijevic.

The other witness who helped the injured persons said that the boards most probably well from the building, but they didn't see what exactly happened, they just found the girl unconscious. 

We were selling flowers, and suddenly we heard a man and a woman shouting to call the police and when we arrived we saw a man lying on the ground, covered in blood, and unconscious girl. I came closer and I lifted the girl, two men started running towards me. The ambulance arrived and we placed her inside. She regained consciousness, she told us her name and we left her on the surgery department - said the eye witness.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Novosti)

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