Serb girl fell in love with Albanian and she left there, although she was forbidden: She knew only one word, and they talked in 2 languages

- I flew to the notorious country, and the only thing I knew how to say in Albanian was "mirembrema" - Andjela wrote

Andjela Savic is a Serb who fell in love with Albanian. Despite the opposition of her mother, she decided to go and to visit him. Their love was forbidden from the start, but this young girl couldn't even imagine what will she find there. We will report her entire blog to you.

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"Three weeks. Three weeks was the duration of war I was leading with my parents (my parents meaning my mom) when I told them I wanted to go to Albania to visit my boyfriend and explore his country. But mostly just to visit my boyfriend. And why? Because of some silly little things called prejudices. Fear was stronger. But it is important to say that he was never the problem. He was more of a collateral damage.

The real problem was that abstract country where Serbs go to die after their organs have been removed. Not him, not his parents, not anything logical and material, just… Something. Unknown. 

And since I didn’t magically change my mind about going, the only condition was that I do it by plane. So I did. I arrived in that infamous country around midnight, slightly confused, knowing only how to say “mirembrema” (good evening).

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It is apparently widely believed that Serbs are fluent in Russian. Then we come to the awkward moment where, ironically, I am the only one who doesn’t know a word of Russian. On the other hand, a common misconception that we have is that all Albanians are Muslims, of dark complexion and black hair.

I, personally, can’t talk about smashed and overcome prejudices because I didn’t have any, to begin with. As for my family, since I came back alive and in one piece, every following trip I took was much less stressful. Therefore, I think that the best way to change someone’s opinion is to show them how beautiful things may be, rather than just trying to convince them, because you can’t really convince anyone in what they don’t want to believe.

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I will quote my boyfriend’s mum, who, regarding the terror that my mom was going through, asked:

Don’t they watch the news, we are peaceful!?” and then remembered: “Oh, yeah… they do.”

People are pretty much the same everywhere. What makes the distance between them are not kilometers, but the narratives that are being imposed.

Is the love between an Albanian and a Serb possible? Leave answers in the comments.

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